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Store Policies

 - All sales are final. We do not accept returns. 

- All customer holds will be kept for 24 hours. They expire at the end of the next business day. 

 - We do not accept lower offers for items that are already marked down or on sale. For all other offers we must contact the dealer.

 - Layaways are available with 1/3 of the total purchase down. No exceptions will be made for this amount.

     - Layaways under $750 have 30 days to be paid off.

     - Layaways over $751 have 60 days to be paid off.

     - Customers are permitted to have only one layaway at a time.

 - Purchased items that can't be taken the day of sale may be held in storage for up to two weeks.

     - Anything longer than two weeks will require a storage fee. 

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